The first complete social crypto ecosystem

Mine cryptocurrency on any smart device and copy the most profitable traders multiplying your earnings without the prior need of relevant knowledge.

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The problem
The cryptocurrency exchanges today have multiple problems such as:
  • Cryptocurrencies arent accessible to everyone
  • Big investment is required to start mining
  • Exchanges cant keep up with the market pace
  • Speculation is surrounding the market
  • People do not have access to trading information
The first complete social crypto ecosystem
We combine a user friendly web-based mining client with a decentralized social trading crypto exchange to form the first complete social crypto ecosystem that is able to guide people through the entire crypto experience. On our platform you can mine cryptocurrency on any smart device and copy the most profitable traders multiplying your earnings without the prior need of relevant knowledge.
Using innovative cuckoo cycle to maximize mining profit
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We take the guesswork out of your trading process
The TraDEXsocial ecosystem is designed equally for people unfamiliar with the crypto market and for experienced users looking for new ways to maximize their earnings. Follow or copy the best traders using a sophisticated new ranking algorithm until you are knowledgeable and confident to start earning TraDEXsocial tokens (TXS) yourself by simply letting others copy your successful deals.
Our Edge
User Experience
We focus on the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and our platform in order to deliver an unprecedented level of customer satisfaction. Simple and efficient, our interface design navigates the user intuitively through our platform giving them the freedom and security to focus on their trading.
Ranking Algorithm
We have developed what will arguably prove to be the most efficient process of filtering the best traders and ensuring the profitability of our users. We have combined several key factors – ROI, volume, voting and risk rate in order to produce a complete TRUST SCORE for our traders.
We are building a decentralized platform for 2 main reasons – security and privacy. In a decentralized exchange the users control their own funds, no single point of failure exists, censorship or outside control is nullified and user anonymity is guaranteed without KYC and AML procedures.
Our roadmap.
Great team is the key.
Yulian Asparuhov
Founder and BizDev
Crypto ninja
Iliya Petrov
Plamen Mostafa
Blockchain Developer
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Vladimir Angelov
Blockchain Developer
Team text 4
Martin Nenov
Team text 5
Georgi Matev
Team text 6
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